The carpet is a great interior accessory that can enliven the room, add atmosphere, create a feeling of warmth or provide a soft play area for children. To last as long as possible in the original colours and quality, it needs thorough care.

In this article, we will show you how to clean and maintain a carpet, whether it is light, coloured, silky or with long hair.

Carpet Maintenance Requires Mainly Knowledge

Many people completely avoid carpeting and consider it to be a dust and dirt trap that is difficult to keep clean and new. This opinion is far from true – carpets can be very well maintained and with proper maintenance they will retain their original appearance for a long time. When carpet maintenance, it is simply important to learn how to take care of carpet, which cleaners are suitable for it and which are unsuitable, and with what frequency cleaning is needed.

We will look at carpet maintenance in 3 steps – removing common dirt, cleaning and removing stains. However, before you start cleaning, check the quality of the carpet. You can verify this by folding it and checking the fibre density. If the bottom of the carpet turns out very easily, the fibres are not too dense and the carpet is probably older or of poorer quality. In this case, be even more careful when cleaning so that you do not damage the fibres even more.

Removing Normal Dirt

To prevent heavy soiling, we must regularly remove common dirt from the carpet, which is collected on the carpet daily. These are dust, small impurities from the outside, crumbs and dirt that are formed during daily use. The easiest way to get rid of them is to vacuum regularly. It should be vacuumed thoroughly, in different directions, especially for carpets with longer hair. If you vacuum in only one direction, a lot of dirt would remain on the carpet.

For more efficient vacuuming, do not forget to regularly change the filter in the vacuum cleaner once every 3 months and a full bag, which affects the suction capacity. As for the frequency of vacuuming, it depends on the rate of soiling of the carpet. In the entrance rooms or living room, carpets get dirty relatively quickly, so it is recommended to vacuum twice a week. If you have pets, increase the frequency every day or every other day. In other rooms, such as bedrooms or offices, you only need to vacuum once a week.

Pollution Prevention

After vacuuming, you can take an extra step to reduce the frequency of the need to clean the carpet. To prevent soiling, you can apply an impregnating agent in the form of a spray to the carpet. Impregnating spray for textiles protects the carpet from moisture and stain pollution. The product is simply sprayed, allowed to dry for a few hours and the carpet is treated.