Furniture Restoration & Upholstery Repairs in Brisbane

We are a diverse company offering a wide range of reupholstery & repair solutions. This includes furniture repair, rebuilding, furniture restoration and design. Our professional team will design, upholster or repair any piece of furniture. We provide free estimates and advice. There’s no job too big or too small.

When repairing an item, we only use materials and fabrics of the highest quality. A recovered lounge will give years of comfort as opposed to an imported lounge that usually has a shorter lifespan. We currently repair & restore:

  • antique furniture
  • leather
  • couches
  • lounges
  • chairs
  • dining suites
  • stools
  • cushions
  • loose covers
  • bed heads

We can fix frames, broken rails, worn seating, back rests, springs, and also provide rewebbing, repolishing, French polishing, reglueing and more. To ensure our work is of the highest standard, we use a large range of quality fabrics from the best leading fabric suppliers.

Chesterfield Furniture Upholstery Repair Case Study

We repaired this 60 year old Chesterfield Lounge using traditional reupholstery techniques. When we picked up the lounge from the customer we realised it was in desperate need of repair. We removed the existing fabric, hessian, springs and reglued the frame. Once the lounge was stripped back, we rebuilt it with coil springs (seat and back), hessian and padding to provide comfort. We then upholstered the Chesterfield Lounge in high quality velvet and added an attractive fringe around the bottom for visual appeal. The client was very pleased with the finished reupholstered lounge and now can enjoy the lounge for 60 more years.

Reupholster Your Leather Couch – Give It A Fresh Look

Leather furniture is appreciated for its unique look and feel. Over time it’s subject to heavy use, fading and tearing. We can give your leather lounge and furniture a fresh look and add years to its life. We would never use bonded cheaper imitation leather to complete your project. Instead we use only the highest quality leather coupled with quality workmanship & service to repair your item. For quality furniture restoration and upholstery repairs in Brisbane, contact us.